Shahriar Turbine Components Company (STC) established in 1995 in order to repair of hot section components of domestic land based gas turbines. The primary project was based on the know how from a Dutch company (Elbar).    

Fast and ongoing development of the company has led to a sharp increase in production volume as well as verity in turbine types and components.

Regarding considerable investment on engineering and R&D departments and repair experience of more than 7000 sets of blades, vanes and combustion chamber components from different types of gas turbines such as GE, SIEMENS, ABB, MHI, GEC, WESTINGHOUSE, HITACHI, ALSTOM and GG4C, Shahriar Turbine Components Co is able to perform technology development and repair of all types of land base gas turbines.

In addition to full support of domestic power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical plants, the company provides repair service to gas turbines of other countries in the region.