Repair of Stationary Vanes

Gas turbine stationary vanes may suffer even higher levels of service induced damages than other parts. Therefore successful repair of these components is very important.


Repair of stationary vanes needs instruments such as vacuum and gas furnaces, coating machines ( HVOF, LPPS, APS), Brazing, TIG welding and inspection equipment.


پره ثابت


Shahriar Turbine Components has experience and technology of repair of stationary vanes of fallowing gas turbines in its portfolio:


- GE Frame 5001/5002/6001B/9001E

- KWU V93/V94.2

- ABB 9/11/13

- MHI 701 B/D

- W101/251

- GT11/13

- Hitachi H25

- GG4C Power & Free Turbines


- Zorya TU80


پره ثابت


Regarding valuable experience in the company, Shahriar Turbine Components has successfully repaired some stationary vanes for the forth or even fifth time which has a great saving for its clients.


The company takes advantage of "Coupon Repair Technique" in repair of GEF9 first stage vanes with very high damage levels.