Repair of Rotating Blades

Repair of gas turbine rotating blades is more critical than other components.  

It needs high level of know–how as well as special equipment such as vacuum furnaces, coating machines ( LPPS, HVOF, APS ), brazing,      TIG welding in controlled atmosphere, Weight charting, Natural frequency test and inspection instruments.

Shahriar Turbine Components has the experience and know-how for the repairing rotating blades of following gas turbines:


- GE Frame 5001/5002/6001B/9001E

- KWU V93/V94.2

- ABB 9/11/13

- MHI 701 B/D

- W101/251

- GT11/13

- Hitachi H25

- GG4C Power & Free Turbines


- Zorya TU80




The company has the successful experience in repair of some rotating blades for third or even forth time which is very valuable for its clients.


Shariar Turbine Components has recently developed and implemented repair technology of directionally solidified rotating blades (For General Electric PG6541  first stage blades)