Repair of Combustion Chamber Components

Combustion chamber components suffer the highest service temperatures in a gas turbine, so their appropriate repair is very important.


Combustion chamber components repair requires equipment such as heat treatment furnaces, Air Plasma Spray system, TIG welding, benching, straightening and assembling tools.


The company has the experience of repairing combustion chamber components of following gas turbines:


- GE Frame 5001/5002/6001B/9001E
- KWU V93/V94.2
- MHI 701 B/D
- W101/251
- GT11/13
- Hitachi H25



Thanks to sound knowledge and extensive experience Shahriar Turbine Components has repaired some combustion chamber components for the fifth or even sixth time.


Some of recent achievements of company are technology development and successful implementation of repairing GEF9 DLN Combustion Liner, V94.2 Inner Casing, Mixing Chamber, Flame Tube and KWU V93 Inner Casing.